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Poetry 3

let me tell you something you don’t know
silence is a very chilly place
full of towering doubts
you would find neither flowers nor stars
there are only barbed wires, hurricanes
rainstorms, and falling debris
You: why are you so quiet?
Me: because I found no space left for my words. Remember? You took them all

Silence| 1994

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Poetry 2

i wonder if you are
staring up at the dusk
like i do now
as if the stars
were calling upon our names

i wonder if we are both mad
to think that the moon’s gravity
will pull us together
from the opposite sides of the world
then bump into each other
for the first time or perhaps again
in an unknown alley
full of fireflies and fairylights
around the bushes

whenever i lift my eyes
to watch an airplane
passing by in the night sky
I am always thinking
if you are sitting near the window pane
searching for someone like me
under thousands of feet
below the clouds
because i keep searching for you
in the wide sky

The Mad Thought| 1994

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Poetry 1

she is a herb
that cures the tender bites
of fox on his flesh
and gives flavor to his life
but if his cold fingers
would pick her harshly
from her roots
pluck her petals
then throw them away
in the dusty alley
her shards are death herbs
it can twitch his muscles
crash his bones
and bury him
into the lake of fire
and brimstone

The Herb in the Dusty Alley| 1994

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21st Century Interview with a Vampire

I am a vampire. Do you believe me? Definitely, you’d think this is a product of my morbid mind and immaturity. Look, my skin is not white and smooth. I am not a rich fine-looking woman. Most of all, I don’t have fangs. Seeing me is antithetical to what the books and movies say about vampires. Indeed, you would not find it attractive to live with my horrible features.

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